Social Kinnect helps Connect...

Spending precious time with your close ones is a great feeling isn’t it? Now experience this feeling of being connected with your close ones by jamming with them only at our hotel. At fredrick hotel spend your valuable time with your loved ones in the pleasant environment, create amazing memories out of it. We make sure it will totally make your stay worth at our hotel.


Its a great feeling to be together and enjoy together, living those amazing moments with your loved ones. At our hotel spend those valuable moments with your family. Now plan your stay with your family at our hotel and have fun together.


At our hotel in the outdoor playground there is an ample of opportunity for kids to play and jam together. It is always nice to see kids playing together and enjoying themselves. Book your stay now and let your kids explore more!


Hangout with friends at amazing locations is all we need by a taking break from stressful thoughts. This weekend plan trip with your friends and have stress relieving stay at our hotel.